How We Keep You Up To Date

Our main priority is making sure that we keep our readers informed and entertained. With reliable and trustworthy news stories, entertaining features, exclusives, explainers, and video creation in many different formats, we promise to deliver exactly what our readers want!

How We Make Money

Valnet generates revenue through diverse monetization efforts. While the largest impact is generated programmatically with RTB (real time bidding) by utilizing both client and server-side header bidding, we also take advantage of direct relationships when the opportunity arises. Said opportunities include high impact takeovers and sponsorship deals. Additional revenue sources include affiliate sales, premium services and eCommerce of physical and digital products.

How We Market Our Products

We are acquiring over 2 million clicks per day through the use of complex systems that have been designed in-house to operate relative to Valnet’s needs. Additional marketing tactics include audience extension, eCommerce conversions, lead generation and brand awareness.

How We Keep Our Sites Looking Awesome

With the use of graphic design, custom software development and systems architecture, our front end and back end experts are always keeping our websites up to date to make sure that they are well maintained, user-friendly and bug-free.