Founded in 2012 in Montreal, Quebec, Valnet Inc. is a global digital publishing and media investment company that owns and operates over 25 authoritative brands across diverse verticals, including entertainment, sports, technology, automotive, gaming, lifestyle and travel. Valnet specializes in acquiring, operating, and growing properties that hold strategic importance in their respective markets.

As a global company, we operate offices in Miami, London, Virginia and Halifax, in addition to our headquarters in Montreal. We work with journalists, reporters and other various contributors who are experts in their respective fields.

Valnet’s portfolio consists of brands that are positioned to be leaders within their specific niche. We cater to a large, diverse audience segmented by a wide variety of interests, all with one thing in common: an obsession with the latest and greatest in news, entertainment and popular culture.

Every year, Valnet’s content experts attend hundreds of industry events around the world, produce thousands of exclusive articles and videos and engage in community-based social good endeavors.

Valnet uses industry-leading proprietary technology, software and tools to deliver the best content for its audience.

Additionally, Valnet’s investment strategy is rooted in sustainable growth and long-term value creation. The Company selectively acquires digital media publications that not only show current relevance, but also have the potential for future growth and market influence. This approach includes a thorough analysis of market trends, audience behaviors, and technological advancements, aligning each investment with the Company’s goals to strengthen its overall market position.

Valnet’s investment strategy is rooted in sustainable growth and long-term value creation.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering mission-critical content that enriches and entertains millions worldwide through our captivating and diverse portfolio of digital publications.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the unrivaled authority and the definitive go-to source in digital publishing.


Sustainable Growth

Investment mindset

Dynamic Energy

Never stagnant, always vigorous


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