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Valnet Partners With La Fondation des Jeux du Quebec

Valnet partners with La Fondation des Jeux du Quebec as a local supporter of a sports day camp for underprivileged children in the Montreal area. 

Initiated by SPORTSQUEBEC and La Fondation des Jeux du Quebec, the pilot camp, intended for children aged 6-12, will take place this summer for one week. Recognizing that a child’s socio-economic status should not prevent him or her from playing sports, the camp will expose all children enrolled to a variety of sports throughout the week. 

The program’s ultimate goal is to help children find a sport of which they are passionate, and provide them with tools to join a local club or organization afterward. As 15% to 20% of participants are underprivileged children whose families cannot cover the full expense of organized sports, Valnet’s donation will cover the registration cost of the camp, as well as a percentage of the costs associated with joining a club.  

Thanks to partnerships like Valnet’s, over 30 children are enrolled in the camp. La Foundation des Jeux du Quebec will make the camp permanent in 2019, increasing the program to 8 weeks every summer going forward. Valnet is thrilled to be able to participate in a local cause and to help an emerging charitable program that will truly benefit from the donation. Valnet's goal is to continue supporting the camp and children in the years to follow. 


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