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Valnet Goes Healthy

At Valnet, we ensure our kitchen is fully stocked with food for our team - healthy and unhealthy.  We have various drinks, chips, granola bars, nuts, cheeses, cookies, fresh fruit/veggies, crackers, yogurts, cereals, breads, bagels, and much, much more.
Recently, we have decided that we are finally ready to switch things up by eliminating all the tempting and unhealthy items in our kitchen. Our goal is to encourage our colleagues to make healthier food choices by only providing whole/real foods around the office.
Starting August, we have eliminated all food and drinks that are overly processed and sugary for a four-week time frame. Everyone will get the chance to snack on more fresh spreads, as we are eager to provide healthy whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, hummus, yogurt, cheeses, nuts, trail mixes, etc.
Buzz around the office is that our team is excited for change, and, who knows - maybe this trial run will turn into a long-term healthy decision for our company!


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