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Top 3 Coworking Spaces For Freelancers

Our in-house team at Valnet benefits from a campus style, open-concept office space. In addition to everyone working side by side, we have a variety of comfortable lounge spaces for when a change of scenery is needed, creative conference rooms to foster collaboration, and foosball and ping pong tables for when you need a break from your screen. However, the Valnet team is not only in-house. A big part of the work that we do involves our freelance team as well, and we have some suggested co-working spaces for them too!  

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing ways to work, with thousands of people choosing the flexibility of working from home over heading into an office for the 9-5 grind, and it’s not hard to see why. However, it is not always a perfect system. Working from home can be lonely, leading more and more freelancers to head elsewhere to do their work, such as setting up camp at a coffee shop for a little human interaction.

While coffee shops sound great, there’s another growing option that many are finding to be far better than the Starbucks of the world: coworking spaces. These are dedicated spaces where freelancers can pay for an ‘office’ with free wifi (and occasionally even some snacks). These spaces allow the freelance benefits of flexibility, but without the total solitude. For freelancers in Montreal, there are a great range of options so that you can find the workspace with the best rates (and perks) for you.

Best For Occasional Co-Workers: La Gare

While many coworking spaces require contracts and monthly membership costs, La Gare has day pricing for those who don’t always want to work outside their own homes. The space is also focused on collaboration, hosts training and development sessions and networking events to help boost your career.

Best For Content Creators: Xenospace

Xenospace is specifically designed for content creators. It offers something that most coworking spaces do not: a photo/video studio area. In addition, Xenospace has all the usual office space and desk options. It even has keyless entry for night owls who don’t want to be limited to opening hours!

Best For Social Butterflies: Nexus

As one of the largest coworking spaces and business centers in Montreal (with up to eighty people working in the space), Nexus is a great choice for freelancers who really miss the big officevibe. Nexus also looks very much like a traditional office, which means that for those who aren’t into the hipster-creative feel of many newer spaces, it’s the perfect place.

What’s your favorite coworking space in Montreal?


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