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Joe Alderson: Path to COO

Joe Alderson, Chief Operating Officer (COO), started at Valnet in January 2015 as an Online Advertising Specialist. At that time, our advertising operations were done by Hassan, CEO, but Joe quickly learned the ropes and took over the department so that Hassan could focus on business expansion.
Our Ad Operations setup was primitive, and reporting was essentially non-existent, so Joe spent the next year of his career, through trial and error, learning how to monetize our websites. After establishing an optimal strategy that would allow Valnet to stay ahead of the competition, he began to build a team to support the newly formed Ad Ops department at Valnet. The Ad Operations department accounts to be one of Joe’s proudest accomplishments to date.
Within three years, Joe was promoted to CMO where he began overseeing our User Acquisition department as well as organic traffic initiatives. Once things started to calm down in terms of his learning curve, Joe’s career reached new heights when he was promoted again in April 2018 to COO and faced with a multitude of new challenges.
Joe’s favorite thing about Valnet is what he likes to call the ‘uncharted territory’. Joe explains that he thrives on Valnet’s unique environment when he says, “There are no case studies, training courses, procedure manuals or instruction books when it comes to what we do. This is because we are the only ones who do exactly what we do.” Every day holds a new opportunity for Joe to discover and build something new that could help our team improve, and to our COO, there is nothing more rewarding than that.
While every day is a new challenge for Joe, he has certainly learned that the importance of hustling is dramatically underestimated by most people. Among the successful entrepreneurs that Joe has encountered, he has noticed that they all operate at a pace matched by very few others. According to him, this pace needs to be replicated by the business itself if it is also to be successful. We see this to be true with Valnet, as our company’s success has been dictated by our pace and particularly our outpacing of our competitors.
Joe welcomes his new role as COO in his career and sees it as an opportunity to bring innovative ideas in order to improve his new departments. He embraces the challenge, welcomes it with open arms, and sees it not as a threat, but an opportunity. His professionalism, motivation and ability to always see the potential for growth and improvement has made him a great fit for COO of Valnet. We are excited to see what direction Joe will take in the upcoming months!


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