September 18 - September 20, 2033

Meet the Valnet
Team at the 2023
Digiday Publishing

Meet members of our leadership
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Meet key members of our leadership team

Rony Arzoumanian
Head of M&A
With experience in the banking & financial services industries, Rony oversees company-wide Mergers & Acquisitions.
James Kosur
General Manager | Entertainment Division
A former President, COO, and CMO in the tech & media industries, James brings a wealth of industry experience to the Valnet team as General Manager of Entertainment.
Brad Fleischman
General Manager | Gaming Division
Brad is the General Manager of our iconic gaming portfolio, including Game Rant, TheGamer, DualShockers and Hardcore Gamer.
Ji Kim
Director Of Marketing and Ad Operations
Ji leads ad operations and marketing for Valnet. He works closely with our direct sales teams, implements industry best practices for our programmatic ad technologies, and supports our overall marketing efforts.
Julien Vadnais
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
As Valnet's CTO, JV is responsible for our technical infrastructure which includes our own proprietary CMS, Ad Tech platform, Analytics systems, financial reporting systems, and more.

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September 18 - September 20, 2023