• Announcing TheRichest’s YouTube Channel


    It is with great excitement that we officially announce the launch of TheRichest’s YouTube Channel.

    TheRichest is one of the biggest online magazines featuring articles relating to wealth, luxury and celebrity.

    Our YouTube channel brings the articles most loved by our readers to life by showcasing high quality list based videos on the hottest topics out there.

    We would love your feedback! Please subscribe to our channel and leave a comment:

  • hits 100K likes on Facebook

    TheRichest’s Facebook page just hit over 100,000 likes!

    We have been working hard to improve our Facebook presence and have achieved fantastic results! In the past 3 months we have gone from 23,000 to 103,537 likes with a reach of 300,000 to 500,000 people per day, and growing!

    TheRichest is one of Valnet’s fastest growing properties with well over 400 thousand daily readers and 100 million monthly page views.

    Our team is very excited to announce this recent milestone. Thanks to all our followers who made this accomplishment possible!

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