• At Valnet, we love imagination!

    Instead of generic names, our team decided to identify each of our conference rooms by a unique name - inspired by the fictional cities of DC Comics. We are proud to announce (and showoff our custom room labels) Metropolis, Gotham, Smallville and Atlantis!

  • Facebook Convention in San Jose!

    Two members of our team, Julien Vadnais (Back End Developer) and Hicham Alame (Director of User Acquisition) traveled to the Facebook Convention in San Jose! They spent two amazing days learning about new features and initiatives that we will soon implement here and grow our sites even more!


    Valnet goes from day to night with our lookalikes! Sometimes, we dress the same and act the same! This is how we celebrate "Look alike day"! We make sure we put passion into everything - whether we’re keeping up with the business of the day, or prepping for the hockey playoffs (which we will watch in the office tonight)! We work hard and we play hard!