• The Richest Revamp


    Our team is very excited to introduce brand new features and improvements to that will provide the best possible experience for our users.

    We made several optimal changes on the design side, opting for a flat design style and increasing the images and text for articles. New features also include a sticky navigation bar and enhanced navigation displaying the latest 3 articles when hovering over a channel or sub-category.

    We improved the homepage layout by showcasing our featured articles, displaying bigger pictures and bigger titles for easy reading. We now have high resolution imagery for devices with retina display and the entire site is optimized for tablets.

    Lastly, another new feature which lets users rate articles allowing us to publish articles our users enjoy as we can analyze the top rated content.

    We hope that you enjoy the improvements and new features. We would love your feedback. You can contact us at

    Go Check out the new layout at