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    TheRichest ScreenRant TheTalko

    March 2014 was a pivotal month. During this period, Valnet decided to dive into video content full force! We began with the production of videos to feature on our website, Our goal was to enrich our content to provide a more entertaining experience for our users - and we were excited! 


    Simultaneously, we posted these super cool videos on YouTube, because it provided a free hosting solution as well as a means to embed videos onto our site. That decision would take our video business in an entirely new direction. We realized the opportunity that YouTube had presented and quickly shifted focus to create our first YouTube Channel for We followed by launching channels for ScreenRant and TheTalko.


    After launching our first viral video, we were exhilarated and set our sights on the next milestones. Incredibly, TheRichest's Channel has hit more than two million subscribers since August 2014, ScreenRant now has over 1.5 million (after we shifted the channel's focus in March 2015), while TheTalko has achieved over 200,000 subscribers - in under four months. Across the three channels, we have now reached over one billion views!


    Our mission is for all of the Valnet YouTube channels to become authorities in their respective categories and we are excited to continue building a network of highly entertaining video content for our audiences.